Working with First Call Employment

Frequently asked questions for members working via First Call Employment.

You can contact our consultants at any time. Click here to see our contact details.

Can I work with you on-line, through the web?

Yes, once you are registered. Our web services include:
  1. Your own on-line diary, to tell us when you are available
  2. Download timesheets for each job, which are partially completed to save you time
  3. Update your details on-line: Bank, email, change of address, etc.
You can e-mail us about work if this is easier for you – although we do advise you to call regularly, to speak to our consultants, so they understand your needs better and you get to know each other.

How do I contact your team for shifts?

You can contact the First Call Employment consultants at any time from the Contact page,

Do you cover shifts nationally or just in certain areas?

First Call Employment is extending its services nationally - so call us, wherever you are in the UK.

How do I update my availability?

You can update your availability via our online member portal A24 Connect. A24 Connect is the simplest and best way to connect directly with us. As soon as you update your availability our consultants can see this in real time. If you are not yet using A24 Connect and need assistance please call us.

What should I wear to a shift?

Please speak to our consultants for each shift. You may be required to arrive wearing certain clothing – or a uniform or work wear may be provided in the workplace. In all instances please ensure that your appearance is clean and tidy.

Is any additional training required to work with First Call?

First Call Employment provides a short training course, You can view the training video in our offices.

What happens if First Call Employment places me with a client who later offers me a job directly with them? What do I do?

If a client likes you and you like them and it is mutually beneficial to both of you then we have no issue with this. Please let your First Call Employment consultant know as the client will be liable for an introduction fee in accordance with the terms and conditions of supply that we have agreed with them.

Where do I get timesheets from?

Our payroll department can post these directly out to you or better still you can download them directly from A24 Connect, please note that a timesheet can only be used once, as they are all uniquely numbered. A24 Connect automatically generates a timesheet for you each time your consultant books you – you can download a partiallycompleted timesheet, to save you time, directly via A24 Connect.

How do I claim holiday pay?

Our holiday year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year. You must apply in writing for holiday pay giving 4 weeks’ notice of your intention to take holiday. Holiday pay cannot be carried over, so it is important that you apply directly to Payroll giving dates when you wish to take time off. Please note you cannot work and receive holiday pay simultaneously.

Who do I speak to if I am unhappy about anything?

Please speak to one of our consultants – or email and we will ensure that the correct person addresses any concerns you may have.

What temporary staff do you register and supply?

Catering, hospitality & domestic staff . This includes chefs, cooks, waitresses & waiters. For work in hotels, restaurants, canteens, pubs & bars. – as well as cashiers. kitchen porters and vending operators

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